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Mass URL Ping

Ping up to 500 URLs simultanously with more than 50 ping service. You can also load a text file where you stored your URLs and start pinging right away.

Scheduled Pinging

Busy with other SEO tasks? Use SEO Fart XML-RPC Ping tool and set a date and time for your pinging schedule without hassle.

Simple & User-Friendly UI

Simple & User-Friendly UI

Mass Pinging in Action

Mass Pinging in Action

Update 2015-03-26

Jeff Curnew found a bug in the software that at the end of each ping of the URL, it gives an error. To fix this problem, please click here to download the patch. Extract the application file to where you installed SEOFart XML-RPC Ping Tool.

Release of XML-RPC Ping tool version 1.12.0

Little changes but useful! You can now load files in Ping Service Manager and Ping Scheduler. And fixed some reported bugs.

Release of XML-RPC Ping tool version 1.8.0

Introducing the easy-to-use XML-RPC Ping tool for desktop application. Capable of mass pinging and scheduled pinging for busy SEO specialist. For an affordable license price of $4.99 only, you won't regret buying this tool. Amazingly light weight desktop application and can run with Windows XP, 2000, (Seven) 7 & Vista.

ClickPress Deceiver v1.0

A mini windows application to automate click and keyboard keystrokes, in other words, its a auto-clicker and auto-keyboard presser.


Developer's MySQL Auto-backup v1.0

This application will auto-backup your mysql databases. Since sometimes our database will be corrupted, its good thing we have a dump file backup so we can restore the latest backup files.


Amazing tool! Made my staff works easy in pinging their backlinks... Many thanks!

— Andrew

Recommended tool!! Two thumbs up... I like the scheduler feature and its a light weight desktop application.

— Sean

I've been searching all over the internet for an afforadable RPC ping tool and I found this ping tool from SEO Fart, excellent tool and works perfectly...

— Nicole